We help leaders create Best Workplace environments that create engagement and high performing teams…

Best Workplace environment is one where people trust the people they work for, take pride in what they do, and enjoy the people they work with. They are truly engaged, and are high performing. Signs that you are a leader that can benefit from our programs include

  • You feel you are not getting enough productivity or engagement out of your staff
  • You get negative feedback from your staff
  • You or a member of your management team come from a clinical or technical background and have little previous experience or development in authentically engaging and mobilizing staff members
  • The performance in your department shows signs of low productivity, low morale, and/or higher-than-average turnover
  • Your company or department is having issues recruiting, retaining, and developing top talent
  • You find yourself complaining about something or someone but struggled to come up with a constructive action
  • You find yourself wanting to discover a way to have more impact
  • You have been frustrated because it is hard to get things accomplished or executed well

Performance Support Partners brings methodologies to your organization and leadership team that addresses the problems of employee engagement and how to really influence others. Best of all, these methodologies don’t require invasive organizational development strategies or restructurings that are almost impossible to implement. Instead, we focus on simple but powerful behaviors that have maximum impact on your leaders’ ability to engage and influence. 

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“I just completed a 10 session Strengths Strategies coaching process with Mia Turpel.  I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but after the first session I learned about my top 5 strengths.  It was so interesting to put a ‘name’ on the way I viewed the world and how that showed up to others.  The insights I received about how I was overusing my communication strengths led to my new mantra “speak less, say more”.  This not only helped me better serve my clients, it helped me communicate better with my husband and my horse!  There are too many other insights to list them all, but I want to make sure that others know how valuable this coaching has been to me!  I highly recommend Mia’s coaching to others who want more self-awareness and confidence in utilizing their strengths!.”

 Beth Romano
Unlimited Potential
Colorado Springs, CO