How We Work

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Our Approach

  • Creating a Best Workplace environment starts with leaders.  We will assess where you are now, your key challenge areas, and identify what programs and tools will provide the best solutions. 
  • We use a customized approach according to the needs of your organization using a combination of coaching, training and consulting.
  • Most of our programs can also be conducted remotely via telephone or web meeting, making it convenient for you to stay on pace even when you are traveling.
  • We bring programs, toolkits and methodologies to:
    • Eliminate a behavioral issue that is hurting performance
    • Help you become more influential
    • Set strategic direction
    • Improve team performance
    • Engage and mobilize employees
    • Create a high-performance culture
    • Gain control of your time
    • Hold difficult conversations to improve results
    • Gain buy-in for an idea from stakeholders throughout the organization
    • Create a personal brand for career success
    • Improve leadership presence
    • Develop future leaders among high-potential managers
Contact Us

“I just completed a 10 session Strengths Strategies coaching process with Mia Turpel.  I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but after the first session I learned about my top 5 strengths.  It was so interesting to put a ‘name’ on the way I viewed the world and how that showed up to others.  The insights I received about how I was overusing my communication strengths led to my new mantra “speak less, say more”.  This not only helped me better serve my clients, it helped me communicate better with my husband and my horse!  There are too many other insights to list them all, but I want to make sure that others know how valuable this coaching has been to me!  I highly recommend Mia’s coaching to others who want more self-awareness and confidence in utilizing their strengths!.”

 Beth Romano
Unlimited Potential
Colorado Springs, CO