“I went from running a business of 120 employees to a new career as a solopreneur.  With the mentoring services provided by Mia Turpel, I set up my business and produced paying clients quickly, within a couple of months.  The concepts she taught me helped me to work smarter not harder.  A few of the benefits I received by utilizing her services included setting up my business from scratch utilizing software, business planning, and marketing ideas.  I now have clarity around my business purpose and what unique services to provide my clients.  I have gained a new perspective on the value of progress not perfection, discovering the value of my strengths and how to strategically use them to optimize my performance and productivity.  My performance change was 100%. For this reason, I highly recommend Mia Turpel.  She is very knowledgeable in all aspects of business productivity and can accelerate your performance! “

Kelly Parks, PCLC
Organizational Strengths Consultant
Live Stronger Daily
Mesa, AZ

“I attended the session UnlockIT! The Power of Strengths Use delivered by Mia Turpel, and it was very eye-opening and enjoyable. Before the training I wasn’t aware of the key indicators of when you aren’t using your strengths effectively, and now I am much more conscious of when I am or am not, and take steps to greater effectiveness. My biggest takeaway was the ability to better orient my work around my strengths and avoiding the “toxic triangle” that many of us fall into.”

Adam Sickinger
AVP, Sr. Project Manager
IT Corp Services – Finance / Capital Markets
The Huntington Bank
Columbus, OH

“Working with Mia as my strength coach helped me understand that my way of thinking is not wrong, but just different than others.  I learned what my real strengths are and it really did help me understand why I had differences  with my spouse and leaders inside the company. Our strengths are what determine how we respond and what we view as important.  Learning to understand when strengths are in overdrive and why controlling them can assist in changing the outcome of a situation from negative to positive, helped me think through interactions instead of just automatically responding.  Mia worked through real life situations so that I could practically apply the strength training.  Her upbeat attitude and willingness to share her experiences helped me work through challenges in my own toxic triangles.  The best thing about Mia is she truly seeks to assure that the training is valuable and that you know how to use it with the tools she provides.  If you are looking for positive change in your life and are not sure how to get there, then Mia is the coach for you!”

Misti Gilmore
Director, Service Partner Operations
T-Mobile   metroPCS
Richardson, TX

“I just completed a 10 session Strengths Strategies coaching process with Mia Turpel.  I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but after the first session I learned about my top 5 strengths.  It was so interesting to put a ‘name’ on the way I viewed the world and how that showed up to others.  The insights I received about how I was overusing my communication strengths led to my new mantra “speak less, say more”.  This not only helped me better serve my clients, it helped me communicate better with my husband and my horse!  There are too many other insights to list them all, but I want to make sure that others know how valuable this coaching has been to me!  I highly recommend Mia’s coaching to others who want more self-awareness and confidence in utilizing their strengths!”

Beth Romano
President, Unlimited Potential
Colorado Springs, CO

 “I was managing in the true definition of “insanity”, continually doing the same things (that weren’t working) and expecting different results!  With Mia’s help I was able to understand that because something was logical to me (because of my strengths), it wasn’t necessarily logical to someone else!  What a true eye-opener that was!  I think just learning that, regardless of all the other discussions we had, helped reshape the way I thought and interacted with my staff.  Little by little I learned to understand ways to rethink my approach and interactions with my staff so that we moved out of that toxic triangle and into a more steady state of interdependence.  What a journey it was.  The “new” relationships I have built with my team are more satisfying and successful then they were when we started this journey and for that I couldn’t be more pleased.  Thanks Mia for your patience, your input, and your push to dig deep into what I said to get to the heart of the issues.  I wish you luck on your journey but go forward knowing you helped bring order out of chaos for at least one person, me!”

Vince Andolino
Senior Manager, Applications Support
T-Mobile   metroPCS
Richardson, TX

“Mia changed my life and I’m grateful for it.After I took the Strength Finder assessment and started working with her, I understand who I am in relation to my strengths.She helped me to understand what to do with that information: what triggers my anger and frustration, what each strength needs in a given situation, and how to apply them in my personal life and at work.

Through her guidance, I learned one of the biggest reasons why I couldn’t write my book. She helped me to design my environment with the right mindset to make it possible for me to write.I hope to have something to share with the world a year from now.This is all due to her tough questions and her listening to me and helping me develop strategies to help find a better me.”

Antricia Tran
Future Cube Farm Escapee and Budding Author

“Mia is a master of streamlining a workplace so that the team can perform in the most effective manner. At CoachVille she took a long look at what could be changed to create an environment that supports the entire team’s desire to be better. 

Presently she is facilitating a new team meeting roundtable format which has improved participation and commitment dramatically. She is recreating leader guides for classes for more effective facilitation of classes. And she is upgrading student experiences with certification and graduation protocol for a more clear and effective certification process. 

With simplicity, time efficiency and best customer experience in mind she is reviewing the CoachVille workspace and refining, defining and creating clarity for the team and ultimately for our students. Her attention to detail is extraordinary but her commitment and ability to take charge and get things done is truly amazing. Mia will create a work place that runs smoother, supports your team in a super effective manner and she does it with ease and joy. Hire Mia, she will save you time, money and stress!”

Deanna Stull, PCC, CVCC
CoachVille General Manager and Director of Member Services

“I recently attended the Dynamic Career Group Coaching program facilitated by coaches Flo Mauri and Mia Turpel and continued individual coaching with them. Before this experience I struggled with articulating my professional attributes and had not established a professional brand. What I learned from participating is how to utilize my work experience to highlight my expertise and abilities in a professionally branded manner and gained many insights into handling workplace politics better. 

As a result of being coached by Flo and Mia, I now feel more confident and prepared with job search techniques for finding unpublished jobs and handling challenging interview questions. I would not have gained this level of effectiveness so quickly without the help and support of my coaches. I highly recommend Flo, Mia, and their Dynamic Career Group Coaching program to people who want to develop an executive presence and advance their career. ”

Ursula Cooper-Hunter
New York, NY

“My name is Yolanda Rosado and I recently had the privilege of participating in the Dynamic Career Group Coaching program created and facilitated by Flo Mauri and Mia Turpel. I had recently been laid off from my job of thirteen years and was at a loss as to how to proceed with a job search. This group provided not only innovative and creative ways to start a search, but also solid tools for creating a “branding statement”, identifying my most important and marketable skills, as well as discovering the work tolerations I can and cannot not live with. This helped me in clarifying my value, not only to myself, but to a prospective employer. Flo and Mia were truly supportive of my process, as was the group itself. I absolutely recommend this particular career coaching group to anyone who is looking to discover new and relative means to finding new employment or improving their status in a current job. ” 

Yolanda Rosado
New York, NY

“If you’re interested in exponentially expanding your business, exploding your sales, and making a tremendous impact in your niche you need to harness the Power of the Mastermind! 

Not all Mastermind Groups are alike – the truly great ones provide a creative atmosphere where a free exchange of ideas occurs. Tapping into the power of the group mind lifts each individual member far above where they currently are and provides a clear visual of where they can go and how to get there.

It’s indisputable that Mastermind Groups are essential in today’s fast paced business environment – Yet not all Masterminds are effective, most fizzle out for lack of focus, structure and purpose.

That’s where Mia Turpel stands out, she is the consummate Mastermind Group Leader. Her wealth of experience and dedication to the Mastermind Model is what sets her apart from so many other Mastermind Facilitators and Leaders. Her depth of knowledge and her ability to understand your specific needs allows her to organize, structure and facilitate a Mastermind Group that will serve you, your clients and/or fellow Masterminders particular needs enabling you to accomplish your goals and expand your vision with clarity and confidence. 

Just a few of the Benefits that come from working with Mia: 

  • Reach your Business Goals and Objectives in less time
  • Harness the power of the Group Mind to Laser in on your Specific needs.
  • Clear & Specific Communication – so you get results faster & easier
  • Clarity of Purpose – so you know where you are, where you want to go & why its important to you & your business
  • Action Steps – a clear road-map for getting to that next level of success
  • Seamless Facilitation – All operational aspects of running a Mastermind Group are taken care of for you so you can really tap into the Power of the Group Mind & start reaping tangible results immediately
  • Dedicated Bridgeline – for Group Calls
  • Mastermind Call Scheduling & automated emails
  • Pre-formatted Agenda for each session

If you’d like to take yourself and your business to the next level and you’re not sure how – contact Mia and join a Mastermind Group today!

One of the best things I have done for myself and my business is to work with Mia on setting up, facilitating and managing a Group Mastermind Program.”

Eric Gerber
Chicago, IL

“Being in a mastermind group led by Mia was such a joyful and successful experience for me, thanks to her masterful leadership skills. First of all, Mia is exceptional in handling the logistics of the process, such as organizing the group initially, deciding on the best platform for communicating, as well as overseeing the details for each session. Second, Mia is an expert facilitator of the group process. Third, she is very dedicated to the success of each person in her group and constantly providing invaluable resources. Most importantly, she has amazing coaching and listening skills so she asks just the right question at the right time, or can clarify what is being said, or acknowledge someone in that special way, and that is her “secret sauce” for creating a truly inspiring mastermind experience for everyone.” 

Elizabeth Haines
The Joyful Calling Coach
Columbus, Ohio

“I became acquainted with Mia after being invited to join a Mastermind group she created for coaches who wanted to expand their marketing game. Mia’s facilitation and support for the group was masterful. She set up rotating positions, so everyone had an opportunity to experience each aspect of group support (facilitation, timekeeping, managing the Maestro Conference Calling dashboard, and making and posting notes of commitments). In addition, four spotlights for members were available every week, so we all had the opportunity to coach and learn from others’ coaching and suggestions every week. The diversity of the group brought in new ideas and resources I would never have known about otherwise. Mia brought inspiring energy, wisdom, intelligence, and a masterful structure to this group, and I’m taking away ideas and resources to develop and use long into the future, as well as a blueprint for building my own Mastermind group.” 

Susan Burnett
Personal and Small Business Coach
Denver, Colorado

“Napoleon Hill writes about the power of the mastermind in his great book “Think And Grow Rich.” He writes in his 9th principle that “great minds meeting in committee will have lots of fun, and support one another by giving each other ideas to grow and develop our businesses.” Mr. Hill points out that great minds must be in sympathy with everyone else in the group. No one knows everything. Therefore, exchange of ideas and support strengthens everyone in the group.  

When Napoleon Hill wrote “Think And Grow Rich,” he could not have imagined the Internet and tele-conferencing: miracles which could bring coaches across the United States into committee meetings. Mia Turpel has combined the mastermind principle and modern technology to create the miracle we call “The Magnificent And Brilliant Masterminders.” 

What Mia’s group has done for me:

  • helped me to focus on growing my coaching business;
  • gave me clarity of purpose;
  • gave me spiritual connection with fellow members;
  • gave me ideas for website development.

Bonus: I found that my strength as a communicator and question-asker is that I could give others in the group some clarity about their goals and objectives. Napoleon Hill writes: “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, the mind of man can achieve. “Through her imagination, Mia Turpel has created a masterpiece! 

Thanks, Mia!”

James Boswell, DTM
Communication Coach
York, PA

“Working with Mia is to experience support, expertise and the rare capacity of someone who “goes the extra mile” for your achievement. Mia is an excellent organizer and group facilitator, besides having superb coaching skills, and she truly cares about your success. Mia has impacted my life with her astute ability to coalesce her mastermind group to realize their goals by subtly conducting the symphony of players. She is an outstanding coach/facilitator, who knows when to ask provocative questions, clarify a statement or interject an appropriate comment. In addition, Mia has plenty of marketing savvy and has an impressive toolbox of high tech know-how – definitely needed in this social media blitz world of ours. I wholehearted recommend Mia to anyone who desires to stretch beyond limits to achieve their best work and their best life. “

Flo Mauri
Thinking Well Consulting
Executive Coach/Consultant to Emerging Leaders
New York, USA

“I can say: I’m in business! I definitely was in the very beginning phases of knowing where to start with my coaching practice. Mia helped me in so many ways by providing many of her favorite business solutions geared solely towards setting up my coaching practice. With her business savvy, she knew exactly where to send me, eliminating a time consuming process of researching it on my own. Mia provided valuable guidance that helped me move forward…I was no longer stuck! Now I am setup and ready to go.”  

Karen Boyd
Life Purpose Coach
Divine Results Coaching, LLC

“I found out that Mia was doing Personal Coaching through a general conversation as we were getting to know each other. I have always been interested in any method or training that I could participate in to help me ‘understand me’ and prioritize the things that are ‘important to me’. Many times in talking to friends I am asked ‘What do YOU want’ and I sincerely struggle with that question. I am a ‘people person’ ….a compassionate person who is known for being friendly, funny and helpful. I always make a special effort to engage people and to make them feel comfortable….I am so Damn Nice!  

This ‘personality type’ is known for being pulled in way too many directions, becoming overwhelmed, and not really accomplishing anything. I felt I needed assistance with prioritization, organization, empowerment, and self confidence. When trying to explain this to Mia, she was able to help me give a name to my over-arching goal…to become a ‘Competent Organized Energized (COE) Woman’, we then called it COE. 

During our weekly sessions, I was able to make multiple discoveries about myself and my motivations with the help of my coach. The one thing that I learned is that if I am passionate about something I execute effortlessly. I think about it, organize it and move thru the stages to make it happen without a second thought. I was able to see how I drive, coordinate, and remove any obstacles for a successful outcome on task that I am ‘passionate’ about. Through her observations Mia was very helpful in showing me how to recognize when I was ‘in the flow’ and when I was practicing ‘resistance’. 

Light bulbs have gone off for me in helping me understand some of the issues I have with myself. I can say that through this time with Mia as my coach I have learned how to compartmentalize by defining a Power Pattern – and aligned with the Power Pattern identifying quick, specific and attainable tasks that can be accomplished and maintainable. 

Case in point, from an organization standpoint I wanted to ‘de-clutter’. Mia helped me to more succinctly define ‘de-clutter’ into a Power Pattern….U.S. Mail…on a daily bases – review and throw away junk mail, and discard at least 10 pieces that have accumulated into multiple stacks in my home office. Wow….what a significant difference this pattern has made. The other, and most significant thing Mia helped me with is when she introduced me to the ‘Absolute Yes’ concept. When faced or presented with something by the many people I want to please in my life; if it is not an absolute YES, then it is a NO. I LOVE that…and I got it! 

I could go on, but most importantly my personal coaching experience has enhanced and made such a significant change in my day-to-day activities. I feel very fortunate to have had this experience, brief as it may have been. I say brief because what it would take to address all the areas that I would love to have Mia’s coaching guidance in would probably take a lifetime….I cannot thank you enough for your insight, patience and inherent talent! 

I highly recommend hiring Mia Turpel as a coach.”

Jennifer A. Combs
Project Manager

“While I have had my mind on this great idea for 5 years now I was stuck with the daunting task of putting this huge goal into motion. All I could see was the successful end result and all of the items required. Honestly I was fearful of the huge task in front of me until Mia made some wonderful suggestions, gave me ideas, an achievable task level, and the nudge (or should I say shove) of a coach. I started working on my huge project/life goal that very same afternoon. Thank you Mia!! “

Shari Brindley
Sharing Stitches

“Mia helped me during a very difficult period of unemployment. She helped me realize what my strengths were, how they were beneficial, and helped me use all possible tools in order to get myself back in the workforce. She is very easy to talk to and is always positive and judge free. I highly recommend working with her. “

Lisa Hostetler
Cleveland, Ohio

“Mia is an excellent coach and communicator. She is high on my list for anyone who is a small business owner looking to increase and streamline their business.” 

Lucy Ridgeway
Business and Personal Coach

“Mia spoke this Spring at the Installation Banquet for Capitol Showcase Chorus of Sweet Adeline’s International. As we thanked the out-going Team and introduced our newly elected Members, Mia encouraged us to consider what it was we were agreeing to take on for the next 12 months as administrative leaders. While the sheer volume of tasks and responsibilities we were looking at could be considered overwhelming, Mia had the ability to take this BIG PICTURE and break it down into much smaller, very achievable steps. Having Mia teach us that we all have Super Powers specific to us as individuals was a “light bulb” moment for many members! By the end of the evening, we were trying to identify the things we “couldn’t do” given our renewed spirit! The entire chorus came away from our event feeling invigorated and ready for action! “

Amanda Kaufmann
Capitol Showcase Chorus

“Mia is treasure trove of information! Her unique perspective on life and living will both challenge and motivate you. She will challenge you to find your passion in life, and then motivate you to pursue your dreams. I highly recommend her as a speaker for your group or business team meetings.” 

Paula Canfield
Team Coordinator
Capitol Showcase Chorus

“My name is Sherry Scott, I have my own real estate business in Texas, and I am going to school as well. Mia helped me to problem solve, as well as identify and eliminate items in my work/life that were underlying causes of angst. Working with Mia helped me to recognize that in the organization of my workday, I needed to schedule “me” time which has helped me balance business and school. As a result, I feel more productive, more energetic, more organized, and more in control of my life! We all get the same 24 hours and I had to learn how to better organize my time by taking care of “me” first, and Mia has helped me do that! I highly recommend Mia as a coach!” 

Sherry Scott
RE/MAX Lubbock

“Mia is a really dedicated coach who truly appreciates the struggles that entrepreneurs face as they try to build a business while still having a life. She has provided me with a number of new tools to help me in my journey—things I wasn’t aware of, but that should make a big difference in my long-term success. What’s more, Mia is like a walking business library. She’s extremely well-read in the fields of business and personal development, and always has nuggets of wisdom to share. It’s my pleasure to work with her and recommend her.” 

Kathleen Hanover
Executive Creative Director
Imagine That Creative, Inc.

“Mia is a wealth of good information and sound advice. As a coach, she helped me tackle professional challenges by offering her insight and suggestions, and more importantly, keeping me on task. As knowledgeable and professional as she is, however, Mia manages to retain her warm, delightful demeanor. It’s a pleasure to talk to her!” 

Mandy Miller
Owner, Copywriter/Marketing Consultant

“Life coaching…I’ve only ever heard of “life coaches” on TV programs and I often wondered what did life coaches do…? However after actually experiencing being coached it was total opposite of what I thought it would be. I found that it enabled me to pick areas of my life that I wanted to improve on…not areas that others thought I should. Mia showed me practical steps how to go about making these changes in my life, and teaching me that I had the ability to change whatever it was I wanted to change and I didn’t have to merely put up with things. I learnt so much more about myself than what I could have imagined. I found Mia to be a great coach, she took the time to listen and didn’t judge or have preconceived ideas about what area in my life I wanted to improve in, change in, or actually not pursue further. Mia also has a great sense of humor, and the ability to make you feel calm and relaxed. I feel I have been equipped with great practical tools and methods to help enable me to move onto and take the next steps in life. I would definitely recommend having a session a session with Mia…don’t knock it till you have tried it!

Harriet A.
United Kingdom

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“I just completed a 10 session Strengths Strategies coaching process with Mia Turpel.  I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but after the first session I learned about my top 5 strengths.  It was so interesting to put a ‘name’ on the way I viewed the world and how that showed up to others.  The insights I received about how I was overusing my communication strengths led to my new mantra “speak less, say more”.  This not only helped me better serve my clients, it helped me communicate better with my husband and my horse!  There are too many other insights to list them all, but I want to make sure that others know how valuable this coaching has been to me!  I highly recommend Mia’s coaching to others who want more self-awareness and confidence in utilizing their strengths!.”

 Beth Romano
Unlimited Potential
Colorado Springs, CO