Strengths Based Programs

Unlock the strengths of your team…

How would your role change if your people felt responsible for their own engagement? What would be different if your team members truly collaborated and saw how their strengths make a meaningful difference? How would business be impacted if your people were inspired and creating innovation? We will help you make this a reality for your team.

Building effective teams is hard. That’s why so many executives share with us the following frustrations:​

  • Many employees – even at senior levels – lack the ability to build and participate on teams effectively.
  • Interpersonal dynamics create lots of friction and hassles that are time consuming and challenging to overcome.
  • It is rare for team members know how to set expectations and create engagement in ways that get great results while strengthening relationships.

A robust, deep, and practical approach. 

Our strengths based training and coaching solutions help you take a quantum leap toward becoming a strengths based organization by engaging each individual to explore and practice their strengths in real life situations.

What would it mean if your organization could:

  • Increase time spent in high performance/energy activities. Develop better role fit, using strengths to increasingly position themselves for powerful contribution.
  • Apply strengths to solve problems. Recognize and use success/strengths patterns to efficiently respond to challenges.
  • Unlock their strengths’ capacity. They will discern not just the contributions of strengths, but also their needs and how to take responsibility for them.
  • Reduce conflict through strengths. Understand how to leverage strengths to proactively mitigate conflict and address it effectively when it arises.
  • Create strengths-based alliances and teams. Build cohesive relationships which honor and respect the strengths’ contributions and needs of those involved.

Start Here: with UnlockIt! The Power of Strengths Use

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UnlockIt is a 90 minute training program designed to provide an experiential introduction to the power of strengths application.  By creating awareness of and excitement for strengths, it prepares participants to dramatically accelerate strengths use in their lives.

Participants in the 90 minute UnlockIt program will:

  • Recognize how great results come from focusing on strengths (not weaknesses).
  • Understand how strengths applied can turn a negative experience into a positive catalyst for change.
  • See how leveraging strengths can create greater understanding of self and others.
  • Learn how to go from knowing what their strengths are, to knowing what to do with them.
  • Empower themselves to increase engagement, productivity, performance, teamwork, and trust through strengths.

This program is perfect for:

  • Teams or leaders looking to improve communication, performance, and engagement.
  • Individuals seeking to change their relationships, improve performance, and feel more fulfillment.
  • Anyone interested in experiencing the power of strengths.
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“I just completed a 10 session Strengths Strategies coaching process with Mia Turpel.  I wasn’t sure what to expect at first, but after the first session I learned about my top 5 strengths.  It was so interesting to put a ‘name’ on the way I viewed the world and how that showed up to others.  The insights I received about how I was overusing my communication strengths led to my new mantra “speak less, say more”.  This not only helped me better serve my clients, it helped me communicate better with my husband and my horse!  There are too many other insights to list them all, but I want to make sure that others know how valuable this coaching has been to me!  I highly recommend Mia’s coaching to others who want more self-awareness and confidence in utilizing their strengths!.”

 Beth Romano
Unlimited Potential
Colorado Springs, CO